Friday, September 02, 2005

WWL Radio New Orleans - listen to live streaming radio news from New Orleans! Some of these newscasters still have relatives missing!
Help is finally on the way! Convoy of trucks enter into the Convention Center without a minute to spare! KEEP IT COMING

BLOGGERS IN THE CITY- Only server in the city still operating. Unbelievably These bloggers have a live cam and are giving up to the minute info from first hand experience.

Search and find where you can help out the victims!

NOTE* I am so angry and disapointed in our Gov't. I am too speechless to really type anything but I will keep searching for News links and info to pass on.
In Los Angeles - it seems like people just don't get it. When 9/11 happened everyone was in shock people were concerned. Where are these people now? I have friends who seem like they could care less. People at work wonder why I am upset!
THIS IS NOT JUST A NEW ORLEANS PROBLEM! Or a poor person problem in the south. This is an American Crisis which is affecting our whole nation! 9/11 was horriffic and affected thousands. However, Katrina pales it in comparision and it is undeniably the worst catastrophe in recent history. It will affect all of us from from farm products, gas and basic needs! People need to get their heads out of their asses shut off their Xboxes and get out there help volunteer and give!

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